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Rebirth in the myth world

Chapter one: past and present
Jintai Fu east to fifty Li, there is mountain name Yushan.
Seen from afar, beautiful and crisp, rocky, clear and snow washed, if the snail bun obliquely inserted, beautiful and lovely.
In the middle of spring, the ice skin was solved.
Apes cry, crane cranes, cicadas, deer, smoked and smoked.
Every season, there are 35 groups of scholars and scholars, with Meiji alcohol, gathered in the mountains, chanting poems against, wandering body, not happy.
One day, late in the evening, the setting sun was shining, and the smoke was curling up late.
The scholar Zhang Mou had not yet enjoyed his play. He raised his glass to his companions and suggested, "Gentlemen, why don't we stay for a night at the Chen Brothers'house down the hill and continue to play tomorrow?"
"Under the mountain Chen Jia,"
The king answered, "you may not know, brother Wang."
"Three months ago, Chen Yan was lying sick, often talking nonsense, unconscious, like a madman."
"Chen family has scattered all his family money and asked famous doctors everywhere to diagnose."
"Nowadays, all the servants in the family go away, leaving only a maid who lives with him."

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