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223. assignment (motion of a charged particle in a uniform electric field)

The Figure shows an electron passing between two charged metal plates that create a 110N/C vertical electric field perpendicular to the electron’s original horizontal velocity. The initial velocity of the electron is 3.30x 106 m/s along the x direction, and the horizontal distance it travels in the uniform field is 4.30cm.


a) What is in m/s2 the vertical acceleration of the electron while between the parallel plates?


b) For how long, in seconds, will the electron be between the plates?


c) What is in m/s the vertical component of the velocity as the electron exits the metal plates?


d) What is the vertical deflection (displacement) of the electrons due to the plates?


e) At what angle θ (in degrees) do the electrons exit the plates?

Use 9.1 x 10-31 kg for the mass of the electron. Neglect any edge effects.

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