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Cultural Transformation Kit

I am writing this on August 23, 2018 from Spain, where passion is always showing its face boldly - in the form of men courting you with their words and, sometimes, even trying to undress you with their eyes.

Although I am not the least bit surprised by this passionate approach, it makes me feel flattered - as long as there’s no cat calling. As a human being, as a spiritual mentor, as a mother to a half Nicaraguan daughter.

I am called to relate our shared work of personal development through meditation to the social, cultural and linguistic environment of our world. And since I have been personally rediscovering and exploring the dating game and creating new friendships, I want to support you in cultivating LOVE through meditation. 

Instinctively, I turned to flamenco.

The ultimate flame of Spanish passion.

A theory about the Spanish word flamenco is that it could have been a derivative of the Spanish word flama, meaning "fire" or "flame". The word flamenco may have come to be used for fiery behaviour, which could have come to be applied to the Gitano players and performers.

In traditional flamenco, young people are not considered to have the emotional maturity to adequately convey the duende (soul) of the genre. Therefore, unlike other dance forms, where dancers turn professional early to take advantage of youth and strength, many flamenco dancers do not hit their peak until their thirties and will continue to perform into their fifties and beyond.

Spanish culture is known for its easy-going and relaxed lifestyle, the siesta in the afternoon where everything shuts down during the hottest moment of the day, and the evening where the streets come to life after dark. Individualization as opposed to most Western cultures is not part of the game. Family and social life are highly important. Talking is like breathing in Spain. People are generally more generous, helpful and courteous. They don’t see it as a burden to help someone out, it’s self-evident. They let the heart rule, whereas we often tend to let the mind rule.

Love is our most innate and essential state. God (universal love) is a representation of this love. Learning to live within and act from a state of ecstatic union with LOVE as the truest natural human and spiritual experience  (and a universal source of energetic support to all beings) IS the way to self-realization, peace, and joy. 

Today I want to invite you to bring contemplation of an embodiment of love into your meditation. 

What does it mean to "be in love" no matter what you are doing - even in the face of doubt, fear mongering and insecurity. How can you make love the space, the platform, the foundation for all of your thoughts and actions?

I know this may be a challenge. There will be feelings of futility and of not DOING enough. How can love be as effective as fighting against the wrong-doers, unleashing our rage and frustration on them? 

Please place your concentration today on your heart. Allow your mind to fix on the concept of love as an essential truth of ALL beings. 

Find some flamenco music to inspire you and meditate on it.

I look forward to your thoughts and experiences with this. 

Love on, dear warriors of peace. 

You'll get:
  • a 56 minute video masterclass on Cultural Transformation
  • a golden whisper on Cultural Transformation
  • a 38 minute yoga class to expand what you love with joy and focus
Resources to search online to support this training:
  • How Language Shapes the Way You Think | Lera Boroditsky
  • Your Brain Hallucinates Your Conscious Reality | Anil Seth
  • Solomon Asch's Conformity experiments
  • Peer Pressure Experiment
  • Japanese addresses
  • Do you hear "Yanny" or "Laurel"?

You will get the following files:

  • PNG (48KB)
  • PNG (8KB)
  • PNG (38KB)
  • MP4 (316MB)
  • M4A (8MB)
  • MP4 (3GB)

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