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The Contribution Coach

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The Contribution Coach

By Kirk McDow


Who is this book for? This book is for anyone who is interested in being competent as a professional coach, who is someone who makes their living by having other people win the games that they're playing. Or it could be for someone who is a manager or a business owner who wants to be able to use coaching techniques or coaching practices in their business. Or it could be for someone who enjoys learning and expanding, for example in using this book as an access to getting a better understanding of how people work, how performance works with people, and how you might be able to use that in your life not only for yourself but also in assisting other people in their performance. What do I mean by performance? Performance is, simply, people accomplishing anything that they want to accomplish.

This book has a few different movements if you will, (musical term pointing to the different feels of the same piece of music.)

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