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Mindful Making on Instagram - E-Book (PDF)

Can you bring mindfulness to social media?

Mindfulness is that act of being present in the moment without focusing on whether that moment is inherently good or bad. Mindful action is one that leads from a place of intentionality and ends in a place of joy.

If that sounds like a difficult thing to come by on social media, I would say that the majority of the world would agree with you. But what if we could take our interactions on social media and instead set healthy practices in place? What if we could create a mindful usage of the app? I think together we can.

In this 35-page ebook, I've laid out some of my best practices as a resource:
  • for creating healthy, connective communities as a way to bolster your creative journey while respecting your creative boundaries
  • combatting the limiting beliefs that our self-critics likes to place in the way of our interactions on social media
  • exploring how you can show up authentically without sacrificing yourself to the boogeyman of "vulnerability"
  • focusing on connecting in a way that gives space for your creativity to still guide your life
  • and concentrating on the heart of the matter... why you'd like to build a community on Instagram in the first place

This e-book is for you if:
  • You find yourself holding back from interacting on Instagram because of your self-critic
  • You'd like to outline what your true purpose is in creating community on Instagram
  • You need clarity as to how to create boundaries for yourself on the app
  • You want to learn how to connect and foster a community of your dreams
  • You'd like to create a healthier relationship with how you use Instagram

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