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Write A Great Year-End Self-Assessment Webinar and eBook

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Write A Great Year-End Self-Assessment: Inside Secrets From a 25 Year Corporate Leader who Hated the Performance Review Process

Do you dread the annual review process? Do you struggle determining how you have made an impact to the people, process, and/or profit to your organization? As a person who dreaded writing and reading performance reviews, Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter knows how painful the process can be. In this webinar, she shares these secrets:
1) Why most employees hate the performance review process
2) The challenges many have in articulating value, improvement or transformation in their role
3) A solution to collect F.A.C.T.s that will allow you to write a great self-assessment

Comes with the F.A.C.T. worksheet and 'Get Rid of the Pain of Writing a Self-Assessment for Good!' eBook
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (7MB)
  • MP4 (195MB)
  • PDF (220KB)

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