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Get P.A.S.T. your review conversation: Four steps to a successful conversation regardless of what type of manager you have. Webinar

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So, you wrote your self-assessment. Your manager wrote their comments. Soon the two of you will meet for your review conversation. Are you excited, dreading or neutral about having the meeting? Each manager has their own way of presenting their thoughts. Do you recognize these review styles?

·       Awesome Amy

·       Copycat Chris

·       Bullet Point Bill

·       Debatable Danny

·       Read It Rachel

·       No Convo Nicky

In this 45-minute master class, I will:

·       Describe the different styles of managers (the names provide a hint)

·       Share a system for you get P.A.S.T. the conversation with outcomes both you and your manager will appreciate in spite of their style.
You will get a MP4 (353MB) file

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