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~ BECOME INVISIBLE & walk UNSEEN among people or CROWDS

~ BECOME INVISIBLE & walk UNSEEN among people or CROWDS
EXOTIC & rare == Moral purposes only == ADULTS 18 +

A powerful secret is within your grasp...
This is not a toy, a magic trick or a scam.
This is not an illusion or a Ninja technique.
No Lies!  Become 100% invisible!

★The Secret of Invisibility renders you completely invisible.
★This method is currently used by the CIA and foreign intelligence agencies.
★Don't Scoff!  You can go anywhere without being seen.
★You're invisible to all you meet... NOT EVEN A SHADOW.
★This works even when you're completely surrounded by cameras or people.
★Lets you vanish & reappear as you wish, wherever you may be!  

Kept secret for thousands of years

This isn't new... far from it.  A fantastic rumor has been whispered throughout the generations and since the beginning of time: super -elite societies knew how to become totally invisible & could walk unseen among people.  They'd vanish from sight...  even in the middle of a crowd...  and reappear anywhere they desired!

Thousands of years passed.  Empires grew and decayed.  Kingdoms crumbled, lying buried and all but forgotten but the astounding rumor never died: invisibility was possible!

IT WAS TRUE!  Those who controlled the invisibility secret could go anywhere and do almost anything while invisible to the naked eye! 

The Secret of Invisibility has survived the ages but always under the control of its masters... UNTIL NOW.
*NO mumbo-jumbo or hocus pocus
*NO spells or potions
*NO burning candles or magic wands
*NO alchemy or hidden symbols
*NO hype or Bull.  You get exactly what you need
*NO danger.  You can't be hurt in any way
*NO disappointment.  You get just what we promise
*No astral 'trips' to other worlds or dimensions. You walk the earth
*No trouble.  You're either visible or invisible as you need & desire    

This is one of the best-kept secrets of the ages!  A secret so powerful that throughout history,
men have literally died trying to wrestle it from the tight fists of its masters. 

Don't let your doubts stop you!

This works.

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As a special bonus, you also receive:

The Wizard's Book of Animal Secrets

Amazing animal secrets!  Have you ever wished that you could control & command wild animals?  Here are the secret methods used to rule & command birds, insects, mammals & reptiles... even fish found in lakes & streams! 

This compilation vividly illustrates how to control animals for your pleasure.  

These secrets have been closely guarded against disclosure to the lay public.

Here's just a sample of what you get:

*How to command flocks of birds wherever you go 
*Controlling snakes, bees, gnats, houseflies
*Teaching your dog to walk & dance on stilts
*Commanding your cat to use the bathroom toilet 
*Quickly tame wild horses when others have failed
*The quiet world of frogs & toads
*Keeping a squirrel in your pocket
*Bringing dead creatures BACK TO LIFE! 
*Much more!

A strong command over animals is one of the cornerstones of being a wizard. Now the age-old methods used to control wild beasts & domestic animals are fully revealed. 

If you're looking for something different: THIS IS IT!

You get both... it's a 2-in-1 auction!

The Secret of Invisibility
The Wizard's Book of Animal Secrets
Buy It Now and you get BOTH with fast digital delivery!
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The Wizard's Book of Animal Secrets  (c) Novel Discoveries 1994 - 2006

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