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The Ivory Road: A Dance Between Worlds (Book 3)

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Desperate to return, has Iliana’s chance at love faded beyond reach?

After being torn away from her lover by accidentally stepping through an unseen portal, Iliana isn’t sure she can convince Brandon she hadn’t meant to go. Heck, she still doesn’t know how or why she can cross dimensions. So when she finally returns, ten months have passed and he’s mourned and moved on, building a new life for himself. He’s furious at her unexpected return, but she’s determined to convince him she never meant to leave.

Brandon gives her a chance, and a job as an instructor at his school, in hopes of rebuilding their relationship. But their fragile reconciliation is threatened by more misunderstandings and forces who’d rather see them apart. When rumors circulate, calling into question her qualifications as an instructor, Iliana wonders if she’s made the wrong choice coming back to his world.

The only way to prove she’s telling the truth about crossing dimensions is to show him—by leaving. But if Brandon can’t trust her, no matter how fantastical her story, she may have to give up on him, and their love, forever.

A Dance Between Worlds is the third story in the four-part serial recounting Iliana’s journey along the Ivory Road.

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