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剩下的那部分 福音 享受神的整全救赎信息带给你的安息 The Rest of the Gospel: When the Partial Gospel has Worn You Out

我有更丰盛的 生命吗?”  这是成千上万的基督徒一代又一代反复在问的问题。-斯通在自己的属灵生命特别低落时,也问过这个问题。神给他的回复是,他活在不完整的福音之中。丹开始求索, 继而发现福音中有一部分信息是大多数基督徒没有认识到的,就是基督在你里面,他称之为剩下的那部分福音

渴望更多、更深地经历神的读者们,会对丹所讲的剩下的那部分福音 有着同样深刻的体会。对于愿意放手、让神引领的基督徒来说,领受了剩下的那部分福 音就真正得到了安歇。


-斯通毕业于南方浸信会神学院(Southern Baptist Theological Seminary),曾经担任了十六年的牧师,Georgetown College Samford University两所大学的行政管理工作。他周游美国,宣讲基督在你里面,长达二十多年。他著写了《福音的奥秘》,及许多文章和小册子。丹于2005年走完了在地上的路,回到了 天国主的怀抱。

大卫-格里高利著有Dinner with a Perfect Stranger,及 The Last Christian。前者荣列New York Times 最佳书籍榜,后者荣获Christy Award奖。大卫拥有双硕士学位,分别来自于达拉斯神学院(Dallas Theological SeminaryThe University of North Texas。他现住在西北太平洋地区,从事全职写作

"Do I have life ‘more abundant'?" That's a question millions of Christians have asked down through the ages. Dan Stone asked that question during a time of spiritual frustration in his own life and God answered by showing Dan he had been living only a part of the gospel message. Dan's search led him to discover the truth of "Christ in you" as "the rest of the gospel" that most Christians overlook.

Readers who are hungry for a deeper experience with God will resonate with Dan's discovery of "the rest of the gospel," which is indeed rest for everyone who is willing to finally let go and let God.

About the Author

Dan Stone was a graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and served as a pastor for sixteen years and in administration at Georgetown College and Samford University. He traveled the U.S. sharing the message of “Christ in you” for more than twenty years. He authored the Union Life Ministries book The Mystery of the Gospel, as well as numerous articles and booklets. Dan finished his earthly course in 2005 and joined his Lord in heaven.

David Gregory is the author of several books including the New York Times bestseller Dinner with a Perfect Stranger and Christy Award finalist The Last Christian. David earned masters degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary and the University of North Texas. He now writes full time and lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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