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10 Day Green Smoothies Cleanse Recipes

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Do You Want to Lose Weight, Boost Your Energy, And
Increase Your Overall Health?
Discover How To Feel Better Than You Ever
Have Before With A Great Tasting Smoothie
A Day...

The Answer Is Drinking A Smoothie
Every Single Day…

The Ultimate Guide To Boosting Energy And Improve Your
Health With A Smoothie A Day

This step-by-step guide gives you everything you need to boost energy, lose weight, and improve
your health with daily smoothies.
On top of all the health benefits and way you’ll feel, the smoothie recipes I’ve included inside
taste AMAZING!
Here’s A Preview Of Some Of The Things
You’ll Discover Inside...

How smoothies can quickly transform your health

Why nutrients are so important and the BIG problem that virtually all of us have with or
our modern diets… (and what we can do to quickly turn things around)

The danger in consuming too many empty calories, and how frequent consumption of
empty calories are literally destroying your health and making you feel horrible… day
after day...

Why smoothies are a great solution for getting the daily nutrients you need, and what to
expect when you start drinking them...
How to get the most out of smoothies and avoid harming yourself with the sugar found in
many smoothies

Not all smoothies are the same… Discover the 5 keys to the PERFECT smoothie…
Almost no one knows this, but making sure your smoothies have these 5 keys is crucial to
getting the best results possible

How to supercharge every smoothie you drink for maximum health and energy… This is
simple, but again, very few people know this simple “health hack”

How to create Energy and Defense Smoothies that boost your immune system and
quickly improve your health

Supercharge your morning routine with the Morning Wakeup Smoothie…

Unlock the power of the Prep and Pick-up Smoothie anytime you need a quick BOOST…

Get a simple recipe for the ultimate Brain Fuel and Breakfast Smoothies

Want a relaxing smoothie that calms you down? You’ll also get a recipe for an awesome
Bedtime Smoothie that will have you sawing logs in just minutes

Like to have a drink every now and then? We’ve got you covered with the Perfect
Smoothie for Hangovers… (This one works great when you’re overworked or recovering
from being a little sick too)
You also get an entire selection of smoothies focused on weight loss, building muscles,
and getting the most out of your body...Plus, a whole lot more…

This guide will give you everything you need boost nutrients and improve your health extremely quickly.
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