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The Plan

A book for science lovers.

At the end of the novel you wonder if what you have read is actually fiction.

The reader will have at all times the feeling of discovering a great secret hidden for a long time.

In a convulsive world, the group of scientists that would be known later as “the extenders” achieved to develop a series of improvements that, once implanted in the organism, allowed the life of an individual to last indefinitely. Those improvements were distributed as soon as they were produced for the first times, but little took the demand pressure to make prices unaffordable for most of the people.

While the long-lived population was taking advantage of their experience and becoming the new ruling class, vegetative growth was increasing without control, so life extension improvements were forbidden to perishable individuals, as it was called to those who didn't have them implanted. Misery arose, as well as conflicts and society polarization into two blocks, long-lived and perishables...  

This is the story of Dr. Weyael, the most prominent of the extenders, who would be called to solve, helped by his son Emnel and his close collaborators, the difficult situation in which the world population had put itself.

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