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The Jack Harper Trilogy: The Story of a Wounded Horse Healer

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The Story of a Wounded Horse Healer

Jack Harper is hiding from his English past at his horse farm in Virginia.

When Father Michael comes to the trainer for help with a teenage boy, it becomes clear that Jack is in more need of healing than any of the horses that come to him for rehabilitation.

The God whom Jack has rejected is asking him to open his wounded heart. How will he respond? And what does God have in store for him?

Book 1: ‘Riding Out the Devil’

Skillful trainer Jack Harper can heal broken horses.

But is he willing to use his God-given talents to heal Joe, a teenage boy in desperate need, especially when it means facing his own wounds?

Book 2: ‘Riding Out the Tempest’

Joe comes back to visit, bringing his widowed mother and spinning Jack’s world into an emotional turbulence that he is powerless to control.

All he ever wants to do is train horses – but once again, God has other plans for him.

Book 3: ‘Riding Out the Rough’

Leaked information and an unwelcome visit from his ex-girlfriend threaten to destroy Jack’s hopes of winning over Joe’s widowed mother, Laura.

He must either come clean about his dark past and risk losing her, or keep her ignorant of the sordid truth and never see her again.

Jack’s new-found faith is sorely challenged as he faces this terrible choice.

Bonus Short Story: ‘Riding Out the Turbulence’

This is the tale of one the trilogy’s main characters, whose identity only becomes clear at the end.
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