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How Domestic Violence Changed My Life Forever: And How an Amazing Dog Helped Me Thru It

In the beginning, when Scots would begin to argue and fight with me, for a while he would hide behind and underneath furniture and whine and cry. As he got older though, things changed. It went from beating up on me, to taking his rage out on Krobalz as well.  
It went from yelling and threatening, to actually hitting him, and even sometimes kicking him. I tried to stop it, but when I would get involved, it got worse for the both of us. As Krobalz turned a year old, then two, he began to stick up for himself. At first, it was just growling and showing his teeth, but then he began snipping.  
Things had gotten so bad at one point, that I was determined I was out, and never going to look back. I packed a basket, and jumped in the car. Close to my heels, was Krobalz, making sure that he wasn't left behind.  
We drove to Kentucky, before the lack of gas made me pull over. In the heat of the moment, I forgot that I was a day away from my paycheck. That night, it dropped down very cold. I had to stay put for over a day to wait for my paycheck to be directly deposited, but it was so cold that at first, my fingers turned bright red.  
I tried to use what little change I had to buy a cup of coffee, but I couldn't pay the woman because my fingers were unable to move. I would have turned the heater on in the car to keep warm, but because I didn't have any gas, turning the car on was out of the question.

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