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The Great Coronavirus Swindle

March-April 2020, all across the world governments locked down their countries and their citizens as fears of a Coronavirus pandemic reached hysterical levels. Never before in history have so many individual freedoms and liberties been removed so quickly, so completely and universally. Because instead of just quarantining the sick, the decision was made to quarantine everyone, everywhere.

We have been told that this was necessary to save lives. We were told that we would only be giving up these freedoms temporarily. Nothing could be further from the truth! We have been lied to. Completely and utterly, from start to finish. There was no justification for it, there was no precedent for it and what was taken away is only being partially returned and returned conditionally.

This book details the greatest medical fraud of all time. From falsely classifying people who have died of other causes to imposing tyranny to further the goals of the global elite, you will discover not only what has been done against you but how it was achieved.

Every claim in this book has been meticulously researched and is backed by links to source material. You will be shocked as you discover just how little corruption was required to turn the machinations of government against the people it was supposed to serve. How few people were actually required to pull off The Great Coronavirus Swindle.

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