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Inner Universe, Outer Worlds

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Sometimes as an introvert, it can be tough connecting with others.

Although introverts are known for having rich private lives, there's still that desire to share a little bit of that private life with others. It can be challenging figuring out what to share and how to do so in a way that feels authentic.

I'm Arcadia Page, and as a shy introvert, I tend to bounce between under-sharing and over-sharing. Share too much, and it feels awkward. Share too little, and I'm like a stranger to my friends. But, by taking time to reflect on what parts of my inner life can best connect me to the outside world, I've been able find more of a balance.

If you're a socially anxious introvert or simply an introvert who is struggling to express what matters to you, this mini guided journal was designed with you in mind.

Here I share journal prompts that will help you not only explore what's great about your inner universe, but also how to share parts of that with others.

This mini guided journal will help you:

✓ Think about what in your inner life can connect you with others.
✓ Create boundaries between what you want to share and keep to yourself. Essential for our social media obsessed world.
✓ Open up slowly & authentically to others.

Inner Universe, Outer Worlds is a guided journal that won't take a year to finish. It's short and to the point, while remaining thoughtful. Also since it's a pdf, you can print out parts of it and redo prompts as often as you like!

- 24 pages
- Letter sized

For more about what  inspired me to create this journal, check out my blog post: How I Learned to Open Up as a Shy Introvert.
You will get a PDF (578KB) file

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