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A Wisdom Daily Devotional For Every Woman of Worth- 31 Wise Daily Insights To Living A Purpose -Filled Life

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This eBook will make you a bubbling brook of wisdom; setting you apart as a woman of worth.

Proverbs18:4. Wise words are like deep waters; wisdom flows from the wise like a bubbling brook.

Are you consistently operating at an average level and feel there is a need to challenge yourself to greater opportunities for more growth to take you to the expert level?
Are you frustrated by the fact that you are not exceptionally good at anything?
Are you currently not living out your purpose in an excellent way knowing all the ins and outs of it? 

I fully understand. I had some of these problems as well. I began to ask myself some thought-provoking questions such as; what is it that I am so good at and I am able to confidently instruct someone? How much of the Word is in me, as I believe wisdom begins with having an abundance of the Word in you.

Then I read Proverbs 31:26, ''She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue''.

I was challenged to seek to become a woman who speaks with wisdom through abundantly reading the Word and other self-help literature that were in line with helping me grow in my walk with God and living out His purpose for my life in a distinct way. I stopped excusing my lack of wisdom to my slowness in reading books, believing the lie that it was an ability given to others, not me.

Here is what Thabile had to say after reading an excerpt of the devotional;

"I loved the application questions asked. The space for application prompts readers by asking questions on specific areas related to that day's devotion. I think it gives readers the opportunity to make their devotion time more personal and less just reading what someone else has to say. This then made it easy for me to write in the personal reflection/journaling space".

This 31-day devotional has the following features; 

  • 170 pages of information - lets you quickly kick start your journey to wisdom and competence in fulfilling your purpose.
  • A Bible verse for the day - A scriptural passage based on the lesson highlighted for the day.
  • A wisdom insight excerpt - Insight based on the Bible verse for the day.
  • A call to action - An immediate application of lesson learned.
  • A wisdom - knowledge applied section - A deep application of the day's lesson with long-term application challenges.
  • Journal section - for you to write your thoughts around each lesson as the Holy Spirit brings to your mind. Write your own wisdom qualities as you meditate on the Word.
Get started with a sneak peek at the content of this book by grabbing the free 3-day devotional. For more wisdom insights, check out our Facebook page The Wisdom House.

Have a good read and may the Holy Spirit take you to new heights.

Enih E. Sone
You will get a PDF (5MB) file
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