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SENSE THINK ACT: a collection of exercises to describe human ability

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Based around a collection of about 200 exercises that allow the reader to experience the elements of human ability. These are organised into three sections: senses get data from the environment; data that is then processed by thinking before being put into action.

This is a remarkable book from Szczelkun, and it covers a remarkable range of exercises in … well, in everything! For all the muscles of the body, especially your brain. For every action you take, especially your thought. For each sensation you feel, especially your emotions. And all the scribbly drawings are a bonus!”  Mel Croucher 2016

A long review by Emilyn Claid can be found on:

Before you get behind the wheel of a car you cannot really begin to learn to drive. Much key knowledge needs to be gained through experience. This book puts you behind the steering wheel of your own being. You can only gain knowledge of basic human abilities though engaging with them. 

On an individual level we are the sum of our abilities. These are usually highly modulated by cultural and educational norms. Sense Think Act, however attempts to remove the filters and masks of tradition, and give us a glimpse of human life beyond inherited patterns of behaviour and the limitations of regional concepts of education.
This is not intended as an ideal, complete set. It is just a suggestion of a starting place for a discussion that goes beyond literary knowledges; that springs from your own practice and experience rather than books. It is to suggest a set of categories that format a ntoebook that can be filled in from your own experience.

Illustrated with diagrams and drawings from Szczelkun's original Seventies research notebooks. A paperback can be ordered from your local bookshop or library using the ISBN 978-1-870736-12-1 

Cover design by Mason Terrill Studio. 

Updated Epub format September 2020

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