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Exploding Cinema 1991 - 97: culture and democracy


Improvisation Rites: from John Cage's Song Books to The Scratch Orchestra's Nature Study Notes - collective practice 2011 - 2017


SILENCE! the great silencing of British working class culture


Agit Disco: an much expanded second edition! only available here!


Global Music? How can we conceive of a global music?


SENSE THINK ACT: a collection of exercises to describe human ability


The Conspiracy of Good Taste: William Morris, Cecil Sharp and Clough Williams-Ellis and the repression of working class culture in the C20th


About Me

As a young adult I had a series of three books published in the UK and USA with some success: 'Survival Scrapbooks: Shelter, Food and Energy' 1972 - 74. A project that followed this trilogy on basic life supports, 'SENSE - THINK - ACT a collection of exercises to explore basic human abilities'is now available here. Later I explored my situation as a working-class artist in an ambitious series of three books: 'Collaboration', 'Class Myths and Culture' and 'The Conspiracy of Good Taste'. A epub edition of the last title is available here. In 2012 I had the collaborative project 'Agit Disco' published by Mute Books in London and in 2018 another collaborative music project was documented in the book 'Improvisation Rites'. Both books are available as ebooks to download below along with a shorter essay on the question of 'global' music. All with live links to the music discussed. Most recently my book 'SiLENCE! the great silencing of British working class culture' is available in electronic form as well the paper editions.
Recently I've published three editions of photography. All the paper editions are available via my blogspot below. One of these recent photobooks is on sale as an Apple ibook - Chalet Fields of the Gower - Epub ISBN 97813894 584 77