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Global Music? How can we conceive of a global music?

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Is there a global music that is significant beyond being commercial entertainment? What might it be capable of achieving? What might need to change for it to have a worthwhile effect? These are big questions I’d like to hear your thinking about. The value may be in the resulting conversations rather than the emergence of an expert set of definitive answers.

Out of a vast range of possible music I only discuss a dozen or so individual tunes. Inevitably this selection is personal; not necessarily in selecting only tunes that I like, but because I’m telling the story of my growing awareness of the global reach of musics influence. I also wanted to concentrate on music with something to communicate from a diverse range of viewpoints.

‘Global Music?’ is a work in progress. 

A related project is 'Agit Disco' which has recently been added to this platform as an ebook.

Stefan Szczelkun, London - Updated links to related ebook March 2021

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