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Improvisation Rites: from John Cage's Song Books to The Scratch Orchestra's Nature Study Notes - collective practice 2011 - 2017

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This is a collective documentation that is composed of the writing that the participants did in the course of making four music concerts in London between 2011 and 2017. The first two used John Cage's magnum opus 'Song Books'. The second two concerts used The Scratch Orchestra's 'Nature Study Notes: Improvisation Rites' that were themselves a collection of written scores, by workshop particpants at Morely College in 1969, and hand-written by Cornelius Cardew. This hand-written script was then published and given to everyone who joined the Scratch Orchestra 1969 - 1972.
This project was a reprise of two important but contrasting scores for improvisation performed by several members of the original Scratch Orchestra and a younger generation of gifted improvisers. Of note is Carole Finer who died of Covid-19 earlier this year. This ebook edition is dedicated to her memory.
There was a paper book issued in 2017 that is still available. 168pp, 35 colour photographs, ISBN 978-1-870736-96-1
This ebook has several advantages over the paper book: the photographic images are brighter and the links are live so you can listen whilst you read. It is also much cheaper. Hopefully it will find new audiences. Includes full colour photographs.
You will get a EPUB (46MB) file