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Agit Disco: a much expanded second edition! only available here!

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This book can play music ! (swipe left for some audio now)

This is the first Agit Disco ebook. The idea is that the music we get to hear is filtered by corporate control of the global music industry with the result that the political potency of our music is diminished. By suggesting that we all become 'selectors' and circulate our playlists I hope to counter this tendency for the commodification of music to dominate us.😎
This edition has 25 annotated playlists plus a new playlist from an Agit Disco dispersal session in Valance.(Youtube playlist now attached here!)

After the first paper edition in 2012, published by Mute, the project has expanded to include a 'Agit Disco Dispersal' phase. In this people are invited to bring a track to a venue and talk about why they have chosen it. The effects of group attention and having a space to be listened to with respect, gives this format a potent charge you might not expect. 🗣️👂✊

For years I've thought that the great thing about an music ebook is that it can be full of music - so I'm excited about presenting a 2nd expanded eBook-edition of Agit Disco with links to the music online, so you can read and listen at the same time. 🎧

Later in 2022 there may be a full-colour paper book version - please let me know if you'd be interested in a copy. The price will be around £10 - 12 for pre-orders. 📓📕📗
You will get a EPUB (17MB) file