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Devoir - FBSI Laro Files # 1

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Where people go, crime follows

It seems like a simple assignment for two experienced Special Space Agents.

On Affix, one of the two moons of Viridis, the most distant planet in the human-explored and inhabited part of the universe, Monterrey and Xiaobo, two agents of the Federal Bureau of Space Investigation, are hunting a fugitive.

The FBSI agents expect to get the job done quickly. Until it turns out that several more parties are involved in the manhunt. And not all of these parties are human ...

When an ancient secret is also uncovered, a dangerous cat and mouse game is created. A game of life and death.

To survive, criminals and men of the law have only one choice. They must work together to defeat the unknown enemy. Collaborate with someone they don't trust.

Series: FBSI / Laro Files # 1
Words: 67.000
You will get a EPUB (2MB) file