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Do you like to be the first to be informed about my latest work?

I offer several options, free and paid, to be notified whenever a new book, short story or flash fiction is available.

Why "Twisted Tuesday"?

I love to write flash fiction and short stories with a twisted ending. All of my newsletters are published on a Tuesday.

So... you can do the math, right?

What to expect?

What to expect becoming a subscriber?

If you simply want to be informed about new releases, subscribe to my free newsletter Notifications. You'll receive a note whenever a new story is published. It's that easy...

Every two weeks my newsletter New(s)Flash & Shorts is published. This newsletter includes a short or ultra-short story with an unexpected ending that you can read for free. Provided you're a paying reader... (See, there's the first twist!) This subscription includes at least 8 Flash Fiction and 8 Short Stories per year.

Still want more? Facts and figures about the things that inspire me or keep me thinking. Or a sneak peek behind the scenes; essays about things I use in my stories. All this and free copies of all new novellas and all new full length novels are available to subscribers of VIP Vibes. (Note: that's at least 8 new novels and 8 new novellas per year! Oh, and you'll also receive the Flash & Shorts!).

Commenting and discussion threads are open to all subscribers. Ask me anything. But keep it polite, otherwise I don’t feel obliged to answer everything.

Last but not least, no matter which newsletter you choose, you will receive a free copy of (the previous edition of) Vinyed, my collection of Flash & Shorts including 7 or 8 stories.

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Twisted Tuesday Notifications is my basic newsletter. Whenever a new book, short story or flash fiction is available you'll automatically receive a notification, including a synopsis and a link where you can buy (or read) this story.
Stay informed and be the first to learn about new publications!

New(s)Flash & Shorts

per month

You like my writing? Then give me a little support; a motivation to keep me writing.
The Twisted Tuesday New(s)Flash & Shorts newsletter is published 16 times per year and includes a Flash Fiction or a Short Story. You may download all of these great yet small stories for free (for a limited period of time).

Keep in mind that my Flash Fiction stories are exclusively available through my website (and as part of a subscription model). So, drop a few coins and keep me going.
[With this plan you will also receive the TT Notifications!]

VIP Vibes

per month

So, you don't just like my writing. You just love it! 

Well... Thank you! You might like to join the "FANzone" then. As a VIP member you not only receive all of my Flash Fiction and Short Stories... you'll get every d@mn*d book I write. Thrillers, Scifi, Horror, Feelgood, be surprised by at least 8 new full length novels and 8 novellas every year!
The Twisted Tuesday VIP Vibes Newsletter is published once every six weeks.
[With this plan you will also receive all TT Notifications and all TT F&S Alerts]