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The Evangeline Heresy

By Thayer Berlyn
Some secrets of the forest are best left alone. Between the 14th and 16th centuries, a select council of the Inquisition attempted to investigate reports of an heretical medical codex used by secretive midwives in remote villages along the European countryside. These merciless authorities failed to uncover the women or their heresy, and subsequent generations attributed any tales of extraordinary cures to pagan folklore. In 1935, Dr. Leland Broughton was rescued from a morbid snake bite in East Tennessee by the sudden appearance of a ghostly woman possessed of a powerful antivenom. In 1996, Leland’s grandson, Dr. Ethan Broughton, agreed to investigate a potent medicinal plant and a rumor of curative miracles on Porringer Hill in East Tennessee. What he found was an isolated community of disturbing superstition centered on one woman, Ana Lagori, a local apothecary with a mysterious ability to heal all wounds. This is the story of that most fateful encounter.

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