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Anna. Wearing high heels, breaking her ankle and getting a SLWC

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Anna. Wearing high heels, breaking an ankle and getting a SLWC

Anna, a beautiful Brazilian model, gets ready to go out with her friend. She puts on her best high heels, the most beautiful as the party promises a lot of fun!
She is late, when going down the stairs of the flat, She twistes her foot and feels it breaking.
She crawls in pain to the sofa, where she asks her friend for help over the phone.
Help arrives, a private doctor comes, visualizes the fracture and will put her nice foot in a plaster cast.
The entire procedure of making the plaster cast with a walking heel is filmed. Every detail from she getting ready to putting her foot in a cast is filmed for you to enjoy.

The video 20 minutes long, contains footage from:
- Walking barefoot
- Putting on 7" high heel shoes
- Parading in her shoes
- Going down the stairs
- Breaking her ankle on the stairs
- Feeling a lot of pain
- Medical play
- Plastering her foot
- Walking in plaster and high heels.
You will get a MP4 (1GB) file
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