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Anna: fresh SLWC with High Heels and Boots at the Hotel (Chapter 02)


Anna. Wearing high heels, breaking her ankle and getting a SLWC


Ana LLWC & Laura SLWC - Lastday in hotel 16 min


Ana LLWC & Laura SLWC - Enjoying the day in the park and public places 18min


Ana LLWC & Laura SLWC - plastering the legs


Dayanne SLWC - Enjoy Rio de Janeiro - 6 min


Thalita Plaster SLWC - Chapter 03 enjoying the hot tub full - 7 min


Thalita Plaster SLWC - Chapter 02 Enjoy the City- 46 min


Thalita Plaster SLWC - Chapter 01 - 28min


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Plaster of Brazil 

In honour to one of the first and greatest caster portal of all the times: Plaster of Paradise.
Plaster of Brazil, comes with the idea of showing traditional plaster casts in beautiful Brazilian models. We want to show beautiful models in several different plaster casts with the idea of interacting with the caster world.