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Behind the Lens - Underwater Photography Masterclass

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After the great success of the version printed in Italian, was released in e-book format in English language "Behind the Lens" the new book by Francesco Pacienza.

This is not one of the usual underwater photography books but, as Francesco Pacienza writes in his premise “... this publication is not a course, it is not a manual, it is not a compendium but, it is probably a combination of all these things trying to create a distinct literary identity. "

An identity that has always distinguished the author's photographic production, as amply highlighted by the preface to the monographic volume "Scatti sommersi", published by Magenes in a printed version in Italian.
A new abstract, in the language used which, albeit technical, can be used by newbies to experts, as well as being updated on some techniques that are "trendy" in the overseas World.

In short, technical knowledge must become an integral part of the photographer, so much so that it can be used in a natural and unforced way because it is the constitutive essence of every photograph taken.

The volume is made up of 238 pages, 35 drawings with light schemes, over 160 photographs accompanied by biological and technical captions.

This version, compared to the paper version, has one more chapter on a new photographic technique created by the author.
You will get a PDF (27MB) file