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Business in Africa

A blueprint on how to become Successful doing Business in Africa.

Traits of an Entrepreneur

Do you feel confident in your entrepreneurial skills? Can you withstand the storms of starting up a business? Is the idea of total financial freedom appealing to you? If you answered yes to all three, then perhaps capitalizing on the resources and opportunities in Africa will be a source of income for you.

Profit-Generating Reasons to Invest in Africa

The general opinion about Africa is changing from one of deficiency and gaps to one of creativity, possibilities, opportunities, and advancements. This tremendous change in the general growth of Africa is no longer news to firms that have been paying heed to the continent.

Risks of Doing Business in Africa

What are the potential rewards and actual risks involved in doing business in Africa?

How Africans in Diaspora Can Create Wealth with Africa

When it comes to businesses among Africa in the diaspora — those with African roots living outside Africa — the potential is huge. Talent and wealth are undeniably enormous. But only a tiny fraction is developing Africa business ideas.

Africa is the future economic growth engine of the world with a vast pool of business opportunities. International companies are now moving in fast, but too many Africans are missing out on this. Here we talk about businesses Africans in the diaspora can engage in to generate income for themselves and also improve the economy of Africa.

Agriculture in Africa - Untapped Treasures

The cultural use of cannabis is widespread across Africa. Although the plant does not originate from Africa, several religious, medical, and recreational traditions where cannabis is smoked have progressed in Africa since its arrival over six centuries ago.

Top Countries to Start a Business in Africa

Africa has grown over the years to be one of the most viable continents to invest in. With a booming and hardworking population, increased political stability, better education, rich natural resources, and governments welcoming investors, Africa is like a fertile land ready for planting. And eventually, a rich harvest.

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