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(Ebook) Tales From a Revolution: The Compleat Collection

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All fifteen novels of the Tales From a Revolution series, at a savings of nearly $20 from retail!

A farmer, or a soldier. A schoolgirl or a sailor. Blacksmith or slave, Spanish or Haudenosaunee, young or old, the outbreak of the American Revolution changed all their lives. Many of them found their way into positions to change the shape of history, only to be forgotten by its chroniclers. All had a role in bringing our nation into being, and all deserve to have their stories told.

In each of the fourteen standalone novels of the Tales From a Revolution series, here collected for the first time in a single omnibus, we get to visit a different colony or future state, and get a glimpse of what life was like for ordinary people swept up into an extraordinary time.

The Prize: Vermont
Caleb yearns to help his father in the war, instead of taking his place at the family farm. A chance encounter with a neighbor whose past haunts him will turn everything upside-down, and give Caleb everything he hopes for.

The Light: New-Jersey
Caught between his Quaker faith and the menace of British forces, Robert must find a way to keep his family safe while honoring the command to turn the other cheek. When the Hessians arrive, he will face the greatest challenge yet to his principles.

The Smoke: New-York
Ginawo of the Skarure tribe and Joseph from the American force sent to wipe them out should have been enemies. When a twist of fate reverses the roles of captor and captive, though, they instead find their way to brotherhood among the Haudenosaunee clans.

The Declaration: South-Carolina
Raising tobacco and his children were Justin’s priorities, until a British patrol strikes his community and drives him to take up arms in the cause of American independence. His actions echo down through the generations to change everything for his descendants.

The Break: Nova-Scotia
Ripped away from her home and friends when her Loyalist father must evacuate to faraway Halifax, Susannah wishes for the restoration of her old life. The security of their frigid haven is soon threatened, though, and it seems that no place will ever be safe again.

The Wind: West-Florida
When the Spanish call upon him to help in the contest for American independence, Gabriel rises to his duty. Nature’s ferocious interference throws him into the midst of a smaller battle, though, and it will cost him his heart.

The Darkness: Maine
George knows little of science and would rather shirk his chores and dodge British occupiers in town than study it. When ominous phenomena overtake his little community, though, he finds himself in up to his neck in both deadly intrigues and an expedition of discovery.

The Path: Rhode-Island
Serving King Louis and his ma, Yves never expected to be sent across the ocean to fight the British on a distant shore. He expected even less to discover that the liberty for which he was supposed to fight would not be shared with all Americans.

The Freedman: North Carolina
Abruptly released from slavery, Calabar quickly learns that the fight against British tyranny would not lead to any sort of true liberty for himself. When his family is threatened, though, he must chose whether to fight to free a country that might never truly free him.

The Tree: New-Hampshire
Suddenly finding himself an orphan, Abe must quickly assume the responsibilities of adulthood. Avoiding both the grasping hands of British colonial officers and the eyes of his eccentric aunt, he finds himself caught up in a shocking outbreak of violence that will point the way to revolution.

The Mine: Connecticut
Tossed into an abandoned copper mine like a common criminal, Alec is soon drawn into escape schemes and resistance to the American rebellion against his King. When the chance comes to win his freedom, he is aided by the unlikeliest of allies – a barber girl he’s known since childhood.

The Siege: Virginia
Maimed in battle, Nathaniel doesn’t think that he’ll ever feel like a whole man again. When he finds himself trapped behind enemy lines at the siege that will change American history, though, he finds everything that’s been missing and more.

The Will: Pennsylvania
Isaac has lost so much that the British seem like the least of his problems.  After the worst night of his life, he needs to recover his career, his honor, and his marrage.  Can he help America win independence, while fighting his inner demons to survive?

The Convention: Massachusetts
Sent to put down the American rebellion, Arthur now languishes with thousands of fellow British captives. A Massachusetts farmer offers him an alternative to the prison camp, and he must discover whether he'll find freedom, or if it will mean that he'll never again see home.

The Oath: Georgia
James expected to be sent into harm's way when he signed up to serve in the militia.  What he never expected was to take part in one of the most terrible battles of the Revolution -- nor to find brotherhood among the French allies who served beside him in the bloodstained trenches.
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