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(Ebook) The Darkness

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Though Dark Days May Come...

The darkness descending over coastal Maine leaves George no choice but to leave childhood behind for good. Despite living in the shadow of America’s most crushing naval defeat in the ongoing Revolution, George’s life is pretty simple, if dull. A beautiful girl and a deadly conspiracy against the British occupation change all of that nearly overnight. In the blink of an eye, he’s in up to his neck. Tenderness and terror alike leave his head spinning. Will the arrival of an American scientific expedition bring salvation, or rip
away everything that matters to him?

The Darkness is set in Maine as part of the Tales From a Revolution series. Each of its standalone novels examines the American War of Independence as it unfolded in a different colony or future state.
If you like exciting stories of nearly forgotten events involving people who didn’t quite make it into the pages of history, you’ll love The Darkness.

Buy The Darkness today and experience the American Revolution up close and personal!
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