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How To Make Sex Last Longer - Special Love Package


a great compilation from Mr. L. Rx


Now I didn't write this ebook, but I spent weeks compiling it. And I GUARANTEE it is the best information you will find on this topic anywhere. It is a 21 course 50 page eBook jam packed with information that will change your sex life over night.


Now I'm not even going to try to sell this to you, in fact I'm going to give it away free. We just released it and already we are getting unsolicited testimonials like these


Hi, xxxxxxxxxxx! You got it all right man, the mini-course you sent me really do wonders. Last night I applied almost 60% of the moves and my girlfriend couldn`t stop smiling. She actually asked me that, who taught me the moves and I just smiled. Thanks man!



Thanks man! I'm having sex!!!!



More! More! Send me More. Your stuff is great!




In it you will learn secrets like:


The Best Sexual Position for Deep Penetration & Ultimate Satisfaction

The Best Sexual Position for Older Guys

The Best Sexual Positions - For Delaying the Man's Ejaculation

The Best Sexual Positions for Sex Outside of the Bedroom

The Best Sexual Position for Spontaneous Sexual Encounters

The Best Sexual Position for Couples of Different Physical Constitutions

The Best Sexual Position Of All Time

The Best Sexual Positions - The Morning Star Position

The Best Sexual Position to Aid Conception

Pagan Sex - Sexual Positions That Work

Positions For Sex - The Top 3 in History!

Lady Chatterly's Lover - Sexual Positions

Kama Sutra's Hottest Sexual Positions

Kama Sutra's - Three Secret Positions for Maximum Pleasure

Casanova's Favorite Sexual Positions - Learn From a Master.

Sex in the Morning - Best Position To Use!

How to give a finger orgasm and drive her wild!

Sex In The Boss's Office - Top 3 Sexual Positions For Here Or Anywhere!

Sex Positions For The Best Sex Ever




This is another Giant Compilation eBook from Mr. L. Rx. over 80 pages of crammed pack knowledge.


Here are some of the things you will learn in this compilation


Sexual Mistakes - 8 Common Ones Guys Make
How to talk dirty to women 
Good sex for women
What women find boring in the bedroom
How to keep that romance sizzling
Female Erogenous Zones - 4 To Target and Drive Your Partner Wild
Female Erogenous Zones - Tips To Drive Her Wild 
Last Longer in Bed - Last longer By Controlling Your Breathing
Lasting Longer In Bed - 8 Tips For Better Sex
Better Sex - 8 Essential Lovemaking Tips For Great Sex!
Lovemaking Tip - Hit These Areas & Drive Your Partner Wild With Desire!
Become a Better Lover - A Man's Guide to Satisfying Their Partner
Become a Better Lover - 10 Common Mistakes Guys Make!
Fifty Mistakes Men Make When Having Sex 
The seven secrets of successful sex 
Satisfying Your Partner - Top Mistakes Guys Make
Cunnilingus 101 - How To Give Your Partner Maximum Pleasure
35 Sex Tips to Spice up Your Love life
The Tao of Thrusting in Sexual Intercourse 
Increase Sexual Desire For Men - The Exercise of the Deer
Getting More From Sex - Keeping Your Sex Life Alive!
Tantric Sex - Tantra Exercises for Maximum Sexual Stamina
Sexual Massage - How To Enhance Any Relationship
Female Seduction - What Women Expect and How To Succeed With Them!
Female Erogenous Zones - Secrets To Drive Her Wild With Your Tongue
Cunnilingus - Tips for Pleasing Her



This is another Giant Compilation eBook from Mr. L. Rx. over 25 pages of crammed pack knowledge.



In a recent poll 65% of people interviewed felt their partner did not have a good kissing technique.


90% of women in a recent poll stated they wished there partner kissed them more or with more passion.


In this eReport Compiled by Mr. L. Rx you will learn how to:


French Kiss With Confidence For a Mind Blowing Kiss!

French Kiss in 4 Easy Steps to The Perfect Kiss

French Kiss - Women Love It, So Learn How To Do It Correctly! 

French Kiss Basics - How To Drive Your Partner Wild with Passion! 

Erogenous Zones and Technique to use while French Kissing 

Tips To Give Your Partner The Perfect Kiss    

How To Give a Mind blowing Kiss! 

Kissing Tips For a Kiss To Remember! 

"You may conquer with the sword, but you are conquered by a kiss" -Daniel Heinsiu




** NEW 2007 Version **
How To Make Sex Last Longer

Many sexually active males would like to "keep it up" longer - until their woman is fully satisfied and for their own more fulfilling long lasing pleasure.  Since it's no secret that it takes women longer to climax, guys need to delay their ejaculation if they really want to satisfy their partner.  Everyone knows that longer intercourse is much more satisfying than "quickies" for both parties.  Thanks to Dr. Dating, the secret is out - everyone can easily lengthen their lovemaking just by applying the techniques from DrDating's latest









** NEW 2007 Version **
How To Give Any Woman Orgasms

The female body is a mystery to most men - even to those who have had thousands of sexual conquests.  What is it that makes women tick?  What do women really want in bed?  These questions may have perplexed you for so long, and you're not alone.  Finally, Dr. Dating has written a complete, tried and tested guide on How to Give Any Woman Orgasms.



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