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Thalita Plaster SLWC - Chapter 03 enjoying the hot tub full - 7 min

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Thalita Plaster SLWC  - Chapter 3 - enjoying the hot tub full 1080p high resolution - 7 min 

In this chapter Thalita, wakes up in bed wearing a very sensual bikini. She enjoys her suite a little more with her wiggling walk and decides to have some beautiful moments in the stylish bath tub. She goes to the bathroom and decides to have a good time. I hope you enjoy these moments.

The video contains scenes from:

- Indoor scenes inside the hotel room
- Sexy scenes in the hot tub
- Sexy clothes
- Sexy walk
- Close-ups
- Beautiful toes
- Soles
- Feet
- Videos in bed
You will get a MP4 (423MB) file
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