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Yoga Nidra for SLEEP

"Welcome and nourish the sensation of wellbeing, peace and ease as you continue noticing your body breathing … With each breath, welcome the feeling of well-being into every cell of your body...

With each exhalation, welcome sensation throughout your body while you feel yourself letting go into deep, restful sleep......"

Imagine ... You're lying in your bed, just listening, just being ... Letting my voice guide you to drift off to sleep ... you can feel your body releasing and softening ... you can sense your thoughts quietening and drifting away ... as you enter into delicious, restful, rejuvenating deep sleep...

Aah, and exhale...

Doesn't that sound wonderful?


Yoga Nidra is often translated as 'Yoga Sleep'.

It's an ancient practice but modern-day research has proved it to be a transformative and healing practice of deep relaxation and meditation.

What's more, it guides you to release struggling and striving so you can just be. Peaceful. Relaxed. Calm.

And in this case, asleep.

This 21-minute guided Soul Rest Yoga Nidra meditation is formulated to guide you through deeper brainwave states which allow your mind to slow down, so you will naturally fall asleep.

No prior experience is needed.

Simply lie down, listen and slumber...


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