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Zoe greeted him. Although "greeted" probably isn't the correct word for it. She took a stance in the doorway of the living room. Her arms were crossed over her chest as she surveyed him quietly. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his black jeans, and stared back at her, haughty without any real threat.
"So," she broke the silence, "your parents finally had enough and kicked you out, huh?"
"They didn't kick me out," Dylan retorted. "I'm welcome back when I'm clean."

Dylan Montgomery's parents have reached their final straw. Banishment to Tynan, NJ seems like the pits, but is just what the troubled teen needs. It's there that he meets Tyler Norse; lead singer and guitarist for Dark Little Town. As the summer begins to fade, the future looks dim on the relationship from Dylan's perspective, but as far as Tyler's concerned: it's just getting started.
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