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Upgrading Democracy: Claiming a Say to Achieve True Democracy

Why continue to write politicians a “blank political cheque” for successive four-year terms when this practice patently does not serve the people it pretends to represent?

This practice, left unchecked and unchallenged, continues to fail the jaded constituents who elected those same politicians to power: no representational accountability; no effective way for citizens to be heard after the polling booths close.

What is the solution?

...Upgrading Democracy outlines why we as individuals and as society need to claim a greater say as part of the political process in order to achieve a fairer and more representative democracy.

The root problem is that politics in a democratic republic doesn‘t represent the will of the People. According to RepresentUS, only 4% of Americans have a “…great deal of confidence in congress.”

We clearly have a Representation Crisis: in truth, most people don’t even know which politician or party they can trust to represent them or their best interests.

This book proposes a practical solution to end this frustration and claim a seat at the table hosting the wider democratic process in order to have a real say.

To achieve this new political paradigm, this book puts forward challenging questions in need of urgent answers:
  • What is a feasible way to achieve this democratic change in the current political system? How to persuade or circumvent established political parties who are resistant to foundational change?
  • Why does systemic change demand a new kind of decentralized political party and not merely the substitution of individual candidates?
  • How can this new kind of grassroots democratic party be organized to work effectively? How should the internal processes be safeguarded to enable the best decision-making practices?
The answers lie in the idea of the proxy party solution presented in this book—an idea that would enable voters to do much more than putting pressure on politicians and the political system, giving the People democratic autonomy with a view to ensuring individual voices are heard. Such a party would be a genuine conduit of the voices of the People, allowing its members to have a direct say in parliament.

In other words, this solution is the cornerstone for a truly representative, democratic process.



“Upgrading Democracy” describes a realistic and actionable plan for voters who are disenfranchised with incumbent political parties, and are prepared to take action to effect change.TESTIMONIALS“Upgrading Democracy is an inspired reimagining of what the democratic process could be if we reorganise representation along truly decentralised, democratic lines. Peter’s work represents a practical, actionable way forward to achieve this most desperately needed of outcomes across every echelon of the disconnected global political scene.”
-Rich James, co-founder Decentr

German version of the book which listed German specifics instead of US specifics:

"The vision of a new party model by Peter Monien is well thought out and offers many starting points for making democracy more direct and taking advantage of technological progress. The book asks the right questions and approaches the question of more citizen participation at the federal level in a pragmatic and prudent manner. The model has the potential to make existing parties superfluous. - Let's project our preferences to the Parliament! By proxy party."
-Mehr Demokratie e.V. (Germanies largest pro-democracy association), mdmagazine 3.2019

“Very good thoughts and ideas, which I also consider feasible.”
-Wolfgang Boos

“A book worth reading! Stringent & brutally honest, the author elaborates on the shortcomings of our current political system and dissects them. The idea of the proxy party is refreshingly new & modern. In any case, this is worth a try!”
-Ilsabé Müller

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