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From the outside looking in you’d think newly engaged couple Chante’ and Greg have it all, but things are rarely as they appear.

While Greg is a great provider, he hasn’t always been as attentive as Chante’ would have liked and she isn’t the only one whose noticed. Domiano is well aware of his best friend, Greg’s, extracurricular activity and passionately feels that Chante’ deserves better.

Actually, he feels that Chante’ deserves to be with him. Even though he has a hard time being faithful to the women that he claims to love, Domiano knows that Chante is the one that he’s willing to change for. He’s done his best to keep his feelings for Chante’ to himself, but when tragedy strikes, Domiano sees an opportunity to step up and be the man that Chante’ should have had all along.

Chante’ knows that her man’s best friend is off limits, under any circumstances, but will Domiano’s shoulder to cry on become a chest to lie on when Chante’ feels that he is one of the only people that she can depend on or will her rejection push him to the point of no return? 

Find out in this tantalizing tale of unrequited love, lust, deception and irreversible consequences.
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