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The Truth About Comedy From A Perspective Of A Christian Comedian

The Truth About Comedy, From A Perspective Of A Christian Comedian - by Comedian Joshua from South Africa: I have written this book after I have been denied a platform to perform my Comedy at various churches. Their reason was that "Comedy is vulgar and Blasphemous", well that threw me off because my Comedy is clean and educational. It was about ten percent of churches which were open-minded about Comedy, the rest misjudged me on the mention of the word "Comedy". When I did a survey of what people thought about Comedy, I noticed that indeed many people have the wrong idea about Comedy. In this book I break it down what Comedy is all about. Comedy is a very influential art of Teaching. I know you may have thought that Comedy is all about healing; but tell me, have you not heard the following phrase before: "Music heals"?Well if music heals and Comedy heals, are we saying that music and Comedy are the same? It doesn't make sense! The reason why Comedy seem to be healing and also music, is because they may have something in common, which is: "Words of Hope", that is what heals, it is the Word that heals.So I reveal what exactly Comedy is, it is as simple as this: 'A Comedian is A Teacher', the same way you have to work the soil in at the garden with a fork-spade before you can plant some seed, Comedy works as the fork-spade to the heart of man, Comedy prepares the heart to receive a message and lock it in forever. I mean something like: 'the best time for a man to propose to a lady would be after he made her laugh', now if the man failed on such an occasion, well, there is no hope :) Notice how powerful Comedy is, laughter is like evidence that what the Comedian/Teacher said is really true, therefore, you cannot choose what to believe from what the Comedian will have said, but 'your heart' 'will believe' because you 'laughed'. I am seeing that the enemy has begun indoctrinating humans through his servants, the vulgar Comedians of the world, the false-teachers. I held my first time on stage in 2014, and I was doing Comedy at the night clubs and at some point I felt strongly in my spirit that somethings were not what they seemed, and when i had experienced the industry at its roots level, that is when God showed me signs that i should leave and bring Comedy to church. So therefore i decided to expose the dark side of Comedy when i realized that people were duped through Comedy.The first chapter of the book is 'The Code of Humor', yes Comedy has a formula, and every joke fits in the formula, I therefore break down some jokes of the most well-known and respected Comedians in the world in a chapter I named: 'Hammering Jokes', just to show-off that I am not speculating Comedy, but I know it. I have made people laugh on stage and I understand my craft.I also talk about the relation between the art of RAP and Comedy. You would say, "RAP is a light version of Comedy", There is a chapter named: 'The Message From God', here i share an experience where we involved God in this matter, I was confused at some point and I wanted to hear God's opinion on the industry of Comedy pertaining to what i was discovering, and God really did respond and spoke to a close brother in the Lord, God spoke about a mission or mandate that I will accomplish in this industry, and He also spoke about the future of the industry. I also have a Chapter where I explain why as a Comedian, I need to do my performance at church and not at the clubs as opposed to what many Christians were suggesting. I also have a chapter on 'Improv-Comedy' which i believe might be the future of Comedy as we know it today. Improv-Comedy is when a Comedian gets to the stage and speaks jokes from the top of his head without having prepared prior to the show. It is really amazing when successful. I just feel like one will really breath long and change his or her mind about Comedy after having read the book, I think it will change the perception of many people towards Comedy, forever!

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