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Azure Dragon

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Azure Dragon / Qinglong / 青龍 Cowl

Scale-like dimensional texture, with equally interesting reverse.

Chart reading skills highly recommended, but written instructions also provided.

Experienced Lace Skill Level.

Unusual stitch constructions - Directional YO closures and special reversed CDD (P)

Visual Aids provided = Both Photos and Video Links

Worked inside out, bottom-up in the round.

Block gently. 


675 yards (618 m) Worsted Weight Yarn
~ Sample used 630 yds /576 m Malabrigo Rios in Azules
US 6 (4 mm) Circular Needles, 32” (80 cm) Long
~Or size that gets gauge
Row Counter
Stitch Marker


14” (35.5 cm) tall by 47” (119.5 cm) circumference


Gauge is not critical but will affect size and yarn requirements.
Sample gauge, after light blocking:
1 small scale in pattern - 12 st by 12 r = 1.5 by 1.62” (39 by 42 mm)
Stockinette in the round – blocked = 20 sts by 30 r = 4” (10 cm)

Additional Chattiness…

I love the dimensional effect combined with a tonal variegate.

These scale segments are not only dimensional, but overlap a bit and flex like armor plates.

Both sides make scales - purl side scales point downward, and knit side they point upward. My feeling is the purl side is the ‘right/best’ side though. Bumpy, more like real lizard skin.

Worked from knit (inner) side… No one wants to work only purls - am I right?

The directional YO closures and the reversed p cdd will seem tedious and fiddly at first, like most new techniques. Remember learning cables? But you will get used to them.

You do need to pay attention to your knitting, but it has a logical progression.

Majority of the piece is a 12 by 12 rep.

Tips to maximize the dimensional effect -

1.Use tightly plied, round “springy” yarn.

2.Make a firm fabric/tight sts = smallish needles for your yarn.

3.Snug down the increases and decreases as you work them
You will get a PDF (6MB) file

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