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Reborn sweet wife and little Meng Po

Chapter 1 the biggest "golden thigh"
Finally, he got the big brother.
Don't take a long sigh of relief, sitting in an economy class seat on the plane, maybe only on the plane, she can sleep at ease.
Stars are getting harder and harder to bring along now, and when they get a little fame, they stop acting, play big cards, and ask for some fantastic, unthinkable flowers.
Such a small star, Mo Mingmi see too much, only the face, no acting skills, can not mix up any Hall of fame, after the heat passes, become a meteor disappeared.
But she is a senior broker, also dare not offend his own red star, fear that the star and the previous artists, not happy, will ask for a change of brokers, even if they have to pay high liquidated damages.
This makes Mo millet puzzled.
Forget it. I haven't slept well for two days and I can sleep for several hours while I'm flying.
Just before the plane took off, the beautiful stewardess came lightly and said, "Ms Mo, hello. You are a loyal customer of China Southern Airlines. The credits can be upgraded to business class free of charge during the flight. If you want to upgrade, I will go through the relevant formalities for you immediately.

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