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Power Hour 1-on-1

Fix direction, strengthen focus - from confused to clarity!

If it feels like you are

  • not happy about social media games?
  • struggling to find best ways to market online in these times?
  • unsure of how to move projects forward with the right priority and right budget?
  • guessing at your next marketing moves?

What is a Power Hour for?

We'll take an hour to work on your most pressing marketing issue. Your investment for personal, one-on-one consulting covers a 60-minute deep-dive consulting call on Zoom.

  • You’ll gain a fresh perspective on your business
  • You’ll feel increased confidence because you’ll know exactly what you need to do next
  • Best of all, you’ll move to your goals faster than you would from reading or taking a course because you’ll be receiving one-on-one attention to your specific challenge.

3 Reasons to Book a Power Hour

1 - You are not getting results


2 - You don't know what you need to do to succeed


3 - You need a plan to hold you accountable

How Does This Power Hour Work

One hour intensive video call. Let’s get you focused and productive! Strategy to work on anything you need for your online business, at any level working from wherever you are. Pick your #1 issue and get pointed in the right direction to get un-stuck and assess your exact needs. I can help evaluate, equip or empower you so that you can power up your online business skills and profitability.


We’ll unpack your ideas and where you are getting stuck to find a clear plan of action to take you forward. Get clarity, action plans, over-the-shoulder screen sharing, training, demos or anything you need.


Included: recording of the call, and 7 days of unlimited followup messaging.

Sandra Lynn

An experienced strategic marketing planning advisor, business development consultant, ecommerce and eLearning expert, and seasoned 7x business owner, Sandra Lynn has helped hundreds of leading businesses and agencies organize for growth. She’s a real marketer with an MBA background and over 20 yrs experience online serving people and companies in over 17 countries.

Book a Power Hour 1-on-1

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does appointment scheduling work?

When you've completed the purchase process you'll be able to login to your coaching account. Then you will fill out a background form to give information to make the calltime more valuable. Then you can find out the next steps required to book a time for your appointment.

Is it possible to buy coaching more than once?

For sure! You simply need to purchase coaching packages and you will be able to get access to other sessions.

Still have questions?

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