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Concerto for Cello and Orchestra "Earth Song"

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My Concerto for Cello and Orchestra “Earth Song” was commissioned by the Boston Classical Orchestra for their and is written for the virtuoso cellist Emmanuel Feldman.

My composition is inspired by the amazing photos of our planet and the near universe which have been sent back by the Hubble Space Telescope, I wanted to compose a work that celebrates the vastness of nature and creativity and their connection with the human spirit. It was my intention when composing Earth Song to portray musically a way in which art and artists connect to and draw inspiration from the natural world. Our wonderful planet hosts life for millions of plant and animal species, and it inspires and humbles me to think about our presence here and our place within this cycle of life. Through Earth Song’s depiction of this interaction of art with nature, I hope to heighten public awareness, to encourage a greater respect for our planet, and to help to inspire us to seize a more active role in the care of our home.
You will get a PDF (2MB) file