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Bourre Brouhaha Audiobook

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Catch the fire… in the eighth installment of the popular and exciting Big Uneasy series!


Eddie Baker is a firefighter with one major issue… he’s ready to fall in love, but doesn’t know it yet. That may be a good thing with all the obstacles standing in his way! He just needs to find the right woman who can light his fire!


Audrey Goodheart may play a fortune teller in her working life, but she knows trouble when she sees it. After all, she is the daughter of an arsonist. All she wants is a good man to love and a criminal-free life. That isn’t an easy wish to fulfill with her father’s criminal friends always hanging around!


If life wasn’t difficult enough, Audrey also needs to discover who is after her. 

Can a firefighter and the daughter of an arsonist defeat the bad guys before they burn Audrey’s life down or will the match made in heaven burn like hell?

You will get a MP3 (184MB) file