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Costs of RVing

By RV Stuff - Ron Jones
There are costs associated with RVing but these costs are, for the most part, different from those you incur while living in a house, apartment, condo, or dwelling of any sort. Think of RVing costs as categorized into the following two broad categories… Costs When Stopped (like when you pay fees to park at a campground and Costs When Traveling (like fuel costs when you are moving from place to place)—after all, it’s one or the other when you are in an RV. Plus, there are many discounts, too.

Campground costs include the cost of parking your RV overnight. It could be just for one night (such as an overnight stop when traveling across the country) or the cost of staying several months in one place (like a snowbird). You must park that RV somewhere each night. It could be there is no parking cost (called boondocking or dry camping) or the cost of a “normal” campground or even a “resort.” Regardless, if you do not own the land where you park it, then you are either “renting” a parking space for some period of time or you (should) have permission to park there for free.

Traveling costs are just that, the cost of driving/moving the RV to somewhere. It is REALLY rare that someone would use an RV as a permanent structure and not move it occasionally (the closest example of this is the classic snowbird). They may stay six months in one location without moving but eventually will go.

The most common traveling cost is fuel but there are other traveling costs, too, such as maintenance, repair, and even some “rare” associated costs such as tolls.

However, the most expensive cost of RVing is campground cost because most RVers want to be in a campsite. Some even demand it and refuse to boondock!

Here’s how and why you can deal with those costs…

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