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Slippy the Cowl

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It’s a hood, a scarf, and a fashion statement all in one! This cowl lets you burrow in on a cold day, covering whatever parts of your neck, face and head need protection. Worked in a simple slip stitch pattern, this is both stretchy and dense, easy to pull over your head but thick enough to keep out the wind.

Flexible in terms of gauge, Slippy the Cowl can be knit in most any gauge from 3 to 6 stitches an inch. Experiment with length, yarn choice and color, too.

Accessibility Note: This pattern offers an additional Low Vision pdf option, with Arial 24 point font and photo captions, for those who need large print.

Instructions are available in the following gauges:

3 sts=1”(2.5cm),
3.25 sts=1”(2.5cm),
3.5 sts=1”(2.5cm),
4 sts = 1”(2.5cm),
4.25 sts=1”(2.5cm),
4.5 sts=1”(2.5cm),
4.75 sts=1”(2.5cm),
5 sts=1”(2.5cm),
5.25 sts=1”(2.5cm),
5.5 sts=1”(2.5cm),
5.75 sts=1”(2.5cm),
6 sts=1”(2.5cm)

Test knitters have noted that the cowl uses approximately:
220 yards when knitting at 3 sts = 1”
365 yards when knitting at 5 sts = 1”
440 yards when knitting at 5.5 sts=1”
500 yards when knitting at 6 sts =1”

This pattern has been professionally tech edited.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (3MB)
  • PDF (1MB)

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