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Pumpkin Preschool Task Box Printable

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•For all of our preschool boxes, go to
•As with all of our preschool boxes, there is a median page on page 54 which
distinguishes the sheets that are for matching onto and the actual pieces for matching.

Pages 27-39 are the lowercase abctracing cards to be inserted into a sheet protector

or laminated. Cut out and use the cards on pgs. 67-73 for matching onto pgs. 27-39.

Trace them thereafter. Page 48-49 are “What comes next?” pattern sheets. Use the

pieces on page 77 to add into its correct empty square on pgs. 48-49. You can also

use these cards on the side as a fun memory match game. Happy Learning!

**For a list of some of the supplies we use:


What other fun ways can you think of using these?

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