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April Whale of the Moon

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It is not unusual for the Moon to reenter Cetus twice in a jiggling row, that is settling in Cetus thrice within a single passage. It was e.g. observed that the British government gets extremely creative towards Moon in Cetus III. Presenting sinusoidally jiggling April New Moon within AEON CETI 2012-2022: this year we have not only Eris and Mars as per usual but also Jupiter like at the peak of the Ćon in the year 2012, when Uranus joined the Sun, ascendant, Moon Mercury, Venus and Mars in Cetus. Since Cetus is sometime monster whale, instead of April Fish, we present you with April Whale. One should find cetacean material abundant even after sheer one-touch button deletion of over 45000 (sic) publications.
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