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WW2 Algol Uranus WW3 ~ and the kicker is... Jupiteris! Paradoxically, Jupiter must resurface from Cetus || in order to align with 911 Eris there. Here is the solemn cetacean moment for nuke subs to salute past Pegasus Point redux.

Here is Jupiter in Cetus II as if saluting Eris by angular minimum, so both Jupiter and Cetus conjunct in space within selfsame zodiacal ascendant: Cetus. If? Eris stands for nuclear submarine deep below in Cetus II: Jupiter is a large vessel as if surpassing from Pisces II. If it makes it. A flagship offering an easy target, indeed. Nothing jovial about that, for sure.

Here we go again: after a long wait, Uranus is right below Algol yet again! As Galadriel leads the northern expedition, the configuration “favors” three years of war.

Real planetary positions, 1929-2023 comparisons, submarine wars, stellar maps, calculi, BoE corvine moons, critical dates, main stock indices projections and more.

"Spicy SPICA with warlord Mars – this mercurial opposition to Neptune is by far more sweet than the August one. Means accurate information as concern visible or less tangible wars on you etc. Just kidding. Disinformation being already total...

The configuration “favors” three years of sheer war."
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