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Elon Musk meets Ocasio-Cortez

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Vexing customs issues, indeed: this one.

Rather independent |::::|

Can Mars actually square Algol? It can try: not good: guillotine makers do prosper in revolutionary times. Chopper.

Why not dead at age 26 or 34?

Survivor, indeed: but someone else dear to him could.

Sunken Titanic. Love towards oceanic explorations: deep diver (in Yoda sensei): pirate religion. Sea weed. Old ships and shipyards: including sunken treasures or whole treasuries.

If this would be woman, it would be hormonally frustrated: unsatisfied of herself as girl and mother as well.

What puzzles a bit is that this is not a chart of an inventor, unless Sun square Uranus points at some inventive but highly unbalanced talent.

Mercury having no major aspect to ditto major planets: this being is self-isolating for lifetime.

Talks to his own self. Might be a good aspect for meditation. A square to Eris would of course make for a long long shot: but this one is precisely about long shots!

And now: how about some real analysis?

A religious priest: will preach deluge to oblivion.

Doom and gloom as Damocles rises, like an apocalyptic Excalibur from :::|:| aquatic depths.

Aquarius is by the way an aquatic constellation much like all neighboring (zodiacal/ascendants) ones, Aries Eridanus and Cetus including.

>< when a bird flies too high, its stooping call screeches earthbound.

::||:: Elon, Elon; Icarus in Cetus~~~

It lands in the ocean. Eris used to be about nuclear submarines as well.

Baby is watersnakish.

Moon is with Ocasio-Cortez.

Moon in Sextans conjunct Ocasio-Cortez.

Venus NIKH is with some military stars victorious.

Saturn is with Pleiads – Aldebaran: this is 1588 position.

Tangerine Dream: Phaedra.

Problematic cult as triggered: Jupiter-Neptune below Niku apocalypse Unukalhai the star of the Devil.

Street-smart in Ophiuchus.

Can target Kim's harem tower: these things don't always fall in a ditch.
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