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#AcademicZodiac #RTRRT System Predict & Change Futurei


The seventh fairyii is bound to wreck that marriage at the lastiii moment, but you don’t know it: that is, before you simply calculate the date. Simply? If you can do 20+2=22, you are qualified for the job. So, now that you aware of trouble ahead, you simply change that future by discreating bad influence while replacing it with most marvelous positive an issue.


Someone thinks that he got away with canceriv but there is a case of reoccurring cancer that can be preemptively calculated as averted=curedv. Since said nuisance got its very name from ditto lunar-saturnine conjunction in Cancer constellationvi, it is easily predictable as preemptively averted-even as recurring a nuisance.

How does it actually work?

Since nobody wants to change a lovely futurevii, you are invited to predict it first.

How do I predict it?

You either do the e.g. 22-2=20 math yourself; or you refer to us
You will get a PDF (17MB) file



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